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Earth Element Necklace


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A handcast Sterling silver Cypress Twig in the ancient Triangular symbol for Earth. Has a sterling silver chain with a 5cm extender, meant to be worn high in the chest.

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 Earth Element

From spirit down into physicality, the Earth Element is the manifestation point of all the other elements; Without it, nothing would actually exist.

Life would be a fluidic melting pot of boundless flow. Form, stillness, depth, foundations and boundaries are earthen lessons and grounding is key. From the soil beneath our feet, all life grows.  To fully understand the earth, you just need to sit under an ancient tree and be still.

Earth Element people are loyal, nurturing, solid like a mountain and have strong foundations and beliefs. They have a deep presence but can be rigid in their thoughts and stagnant if they don't move their body.

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Cypress - Thuja Occidentalis 

I wanted to talk collectively about the family, as the names can be interchangeable depending on species. For these castings, I've used Thuja Occidentalis (also called White Cedar) because of its intricate leaf shapes which look beautiful translated in silver.

These trees have many teachings and vary depending on the species. They take you on a journey of transformation and purification by igniting the internal fire within.

They give us the magic and wisdom associated with physicality; healing,  money, luck and protection; but also teach us to be adaptable. These trees can live for thousands of years, their roots running deep down into the heart of the earth, growing up to reach the heights of the sky. This teaches us that to reach success, that being within thyself, relationships, business, we need to create strong foundations first; foundations and boundaries.  Because how can we truly grow, stand strong and achieve greatness if we give all of our power away? Its planetary ruler is Saturn.

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Autumn Wyres

Omg so in love with my necklace. The symbolism speaks to me and am so in love with it. Am already looking for my next piece!!!

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