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Amber Twiggy Ring

These are beautiful to wear on their own or stacked. Handcrafted in sterling silver from cast and moulded Eucalyptus twigs holding a piece of Ancient Amber. Sizes 6- 10 when available. 
There is so much joy in creating pieces that stem from nature. The raw rustic beauty found in the patterns of every branch, leaf and seedpod share so much to their story, wisdom, and medicine.
࿈ 𓋺 ࿈

Through healing and protection, the eucalyptus tree works quickly to clear a pathway to wellbeing. Known to be healing on the respiratory system and how we breathe, key words here are clearing, cleansing negative cycles, working when someone is stagnant, scattered or life seems fragmented. 
Work with this tree embodies an activation in the heart and throat chakras, bringing unison to deliver balance and wisdom. Old repeating cycles fall away to new pathways and new wisdom organises thoughts and feelings to bring about realizations.
Its planetary ruler is the moon corresponds to the air element.

࿈ 𓋺 ࿈

Tree resin that has fossilized over millions of years from ancient conifers has a simple purpose of 'laughter'. This is the stone for those who find themselves trapped in life. Amber's sun filled colour rays penetrate depression and empower the choice of new paths. Obstacles are laughed aside, lessons are learned and a new self is birthed. Brilliant for those whose response to lifes struggles is to laugh to hide the pain and struggle they feel inside.
"It is with joy and laughter that we shall anchor within the conscious self the reality of true spirit. Hold my hand now as we glimpse the perfection of universal light, the eternal sun that is one and all."
(Written wisdom from Justin Moikeha Asar and evolutionary herbalism.)
࿈ 𓋺 ࿈

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